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Address: 1506 Highway 12, Bentley, AB

Open: Wednesday-Saturday

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

  • Pail Refills

    If you have previously purchased a pail of flour from us, bring it clean and empty and we will refill it for a discounted price.

  • Local Products

    We have a number of other products from local vendors in Central Alberta. It gives you an opportunity to support your local economy!

  • Customer Relationship

    One of the most important aspects of running a business for us, is the customer relationships! We love being able to meet our customers face to face!

Rock Ridge Dairy

Crestomere, AB

Whole Goat Milk- 2L

Organic Whole Jersey Milk- 2L

Organic Jersey Cream (10%)- 1L

Unsalted Butter- 454g

Salted Butter- 454g

Sylvan Star Cheese

Sylvan Lake, AB


Italian Herbs

Gouda Mild

Herbs & Garlic

Pearson's Berry Farm

Bowden, AB

Chokecherrry, Sour Cherry, Saskatoon Syrup

Saskatoon Raspberry, Saskatoon Berry Spread

Apple Cinnamon, Saskatoon Berry Cider

Raspberry, Black Current, Saskatoon Lemonade Mix

Saskatoon, Raisin Butter Tarts

Ranch Gate

Sylvan Lake, AB

Ground Bison

Beef Smokies

Beef Bacon

Smoked Bacon

Maple Breakfast Sausage (Bison)

Bison Pepperoni

DH Custom Sausage

Rimbey, AB

Beef Jerky

Beef Pepperoni

Italian (mild) Sausage

Breakfast Sausage Bag

Maple Blueberry Breakfast Sausage

Gull Lake Honey

Gull Lake, AB

150g Raw Honey (Strawberry, Blackberry)

250g Raw Honey (Lemon Ginger)

500g Raw Honey (Cinnamon, Summer Blend, Summer Floral, Creamed, Vanilla Bean

1kg Raw Honey (Creamed, Summer Blend, Summer Floral)

3kg Raw Honey (Creamed, Summer Blend)

Birdy Coffee

Red Deer, AB

Brazil (hints of Chocolate Syrup, Hazelnut)

Medium Roast


Blondie Que BBQ Rubs & Spices

Springbrook, AB

Smoky Maple

All Purpose

Sticky Red

Garlic Lovers

The Big Dill


Mary Olsen Jam

Rimbey, AB

Nectarine Jam

Apple Pie Jam

Peach Spice Jam

Strawberry Raspberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

BOHO Apothecary

Bentley, AB

Clean Freak- All Purpose Cleaner

Laundry Soap - All Natural with Orange and Mint

Lemon Squeezy- Lemon Thyme & Rosemary Infused Cleaning Spray

Wish- Artisan Soap

Reckless Ranch

Rimbey, AB

All Purpose Liquid Soap (various scents)

Whipped Bison Tallow Balm (40ml & 100ml) various scents

Lip Butter (various scents)

Magnesium Spray

Triple A Legacy Farm

Rimbey, AB

1lb. Ground Beef Packs

Farm Raised Products

Raised Right Here on our Farm!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Lamb- Ground, Ribs, Stew, Roast

Of course we carry all of our flour and wheat products right at the store as well!

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