What is Red Fife?

Red Fife is a heritage wheat that was brought from Scotland into Canada in the early 1840's. Its name comes from the color of the wheat, red, and the name of the farmer who began growing it; David Fife.


This is Canada's oldest known wheat. Gradually over time, it has been replaced with other varieties of wheats that are resistant to fungal diseases and pests. However, most of Canadian bread wheats owe part of their genetic lineage to Red
Fife wheat.


Red Fife is a very versatile flour. Its unique nutty and earthy flavor makes this flour a great choice for breads, muffins, pizza dough and cookies.


Known as the baker's dream, it is rich in nutrients such as protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron and magnesium.


As with all ancient grains, those who are sensitive to commercial flour will find that they are able to enjoy baking made with Red Fife flour.


Why not try some today and taste for yourself the difference Red Fife makes.


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