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Hello, and welcome to West Country Mills. We have decided to start a blog in hopes that we can connect with our customers more as well as share the passion behind why we do what we do. If you haven't figured it out already by going through our website, we are West Country Mills- a company that produces Stone Ground Flour. We have always dreamed about starting a business where we can use the products that we grow (grain) to better serve people and impact them directly. There is so much more satisfaction in producing a high quality product that customers can benefit from, rather than just hauling the grain away and not knowing how it will be processed or used. Our eyes have been opened to the importance of producing a pure and natural flour product compared to enriched/bleached flour you are buying in the store. The flavour and nutritional value of our stone ground flour should cause you to never go back to store-bought flour again!


Starting this business has been a huge learning curve for our family, but has been rewarding in so many ways. Each family member plays an important role in the success of this operation- whether it is seeding the fields, harvesting the fields, milling/sifting the wheat, mixing pancake mix, labeling bags, fixing equipment, emailing customers, selling product and the list goes on. It is not a one man show around here. We all do our part to make our business possible. 

Not only do we grain farm, we have a variety of animals as part of our operation as well. We have about 35 sheep, around 80 laying hens, 3 horses strictly for pleasure, 3 cows we are raising for meat, and 4 dogs. Oh, and we can't forget our llama, Tina (they call us the funny farm for a reason!)

There is never a dull moment around here. Though farming is very labor intensive, it is such a rewarding way of life. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to do what we do and share it with others.

Social media and blogging is not our strong suit (in fact it has been one of the biggest learning curves with starting our business). However, it is our goal to share more on these platforms to inspire and educate you about our flour and our farming life.    


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